We are looking for a long term nanny for our large family.  We have triplets (girl and two boys) aged 5 months old. We also have two daughters, ages 2 and a half and 4 years old, that attend pre-school. My wife and I both work from home so we need a nanny during the week to help with the triplets and at some other times to help with the two older daughters.  The pay is $1500 per month, housing and meals are provided as well.  Starting date July 2013, location Vero Beach, Florida.

We are a looking for a person who is loving, diligent, nurturing, and experienced when it comes to educating infants, toddlers, and young children.  Overall the nanny has to be reliable, responsible, and knowledgeable. Professional ability to teach children music, classical dancing, languages other than English and Romanian, is a plus. As we want a long term employment arrangement, we would like somebody that resides in the US or has a visa. Needs basic ability to speak English as well as fluent in Romanian.
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